Monday, October 4, 2010

The Perfect Brow

On Friday I took a class at Nordstrom to learn how to do the perfect brow from the Anastasia team. I learned a lot!!

But first a little bit about Anastasia herself-
Growing up in the culturally rich Romanian seaport of Constanta, Anastasia was exposed to the classic styles of the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine empires at an early age. Working as an apprentice in her parents' tailor shop, she first took notice of how proportions apply to the human body. Anastasia broadened her field of interest with studies in architecture, engineering, drawing, and mathematics during college. She learned of the Fibonacci sequence, as well as Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings and studies of the Golden Ratio, as it applies to Nature and the human body. Combining her artistic interests with more technical ones, Anastasia trained professionally as an esthetician in Romania before moving with her family to California.

Her Studies has helped her create the right proportions for brows that can do wonders for the face.

On they interviewed Anastasia on how to get the perfect brow, here is what they had to say-

To bring “balance and harmony” to your unique bone structur

e, Soare says choosing the right width, shape, and color is key—here, her tips and tricks for getting perfect eyebrows.

Through Thick and Thin “If you have a tiny face with delicate features, thick brows can be overwhelming,” says Soare, adding that those with a low brow bone should also avoid going too full. “You want to open your eyes—if the space between the brows and the upper lashes is small, make the eyebrow thinner and more arched.”

On the other hand, if you have a higher-set brow bone, thick brows are the more flattering option (otherwise, says Soare, your visage might look disproportionate). If you divide t

he face into thirds, “the spaces between the hairline and the brows, brows and nose base, and nose base to the chin should be equal in length,” says Soare. Wider arches are also best for fuller faces, whose expansiveness can be magnified by thin brows.

Filling in the Blanks

“With the help of a pencil and/or powder, you can fill in spaces and create the appearance of lusher brows,” says Soare. When grooming Penélope Cruz’s brows for the Oscars

earlier this year, Soare used Brow Wiz in medium ash and accentuated the arch by dusting highlighter underneath. To finish, Soare brushed on clear brow gel to keep hairs and pencil color in place. She calls brow gel a “hairspray for eyebrows” and says that if you don't have any handy, actual hairspray will do (mist on a fine-bristled toothbrush and comb through brows).

Color Theory Though Madonna’s dark-brows-with-blond-hair combo was chic in the 1980s, Soare says arches look best when they're within one to two shades of your hair color: “If you’re brunette, they should be one shade lighter; if you’re blond, they should be one shade darker.” Rather than p

ermanently dye the brows of her celebrity clients—whose h

air colors change as often as their film and TV roles—Soare uses tinted brow gel to lighten and darken accordingly.

So now let's put it to the test-

I did half my face... as you can see the the good brow looks a whole lot better! If I hadn't waxed my eyebrows on Saturday this demo would have worked better but I think you get the idea.

I would love to do your brows next! Call and set up an appointment today!

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  1. I love Anastasia. I have the brow kit and I love it!