Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Operation Beautiful -

It's time to make a change... You are beautiful just the way you are!!

*Think of the most beautiful person in your life, now think of 3 words that describe them...

I have many beautiful people in my life, I could probably choose any of the women in my life to be on this list... My Mom, Sister, Aunts, Sister in-laws, Grandma, Mother-in-Law...

But tonight I am going to brag a little bit about my Grandma.

The 3 words I would pick that describe her beauty are..

1. Loving- She has 28 grandchildren, 5 1/2 great grandchildren, plus 1 adopted granddaughter from china... She loves us all SO much and she makes us all feel like we are her favorite. She would do anything for any of us, and ALWAYS puts her family first before herself.
2. Patient- I have NEVER met someone so patient in all my life! In all my 27 years she has never raised her voice to any of us... Even when my brother and I poked holes in her brand new kitchen chairs.
3. Virtuous, honorable, trustworthy- Ok I cheated and added a few more words... but it's my blog... I can :). My grandma is one of the best listeners, I can tell her almost anything and I know in the end she still loves me and that she will give me some great advice. She also tells some of the best stories about when she was little or when her kids were little... I just love to sit and talk with her! You wont ever her a fowl word come out of her mouth and you always leave feeling better about yourself after our good talks.

So out of your 3 words and my 3 words... how many of our words had anything to do with outward appearance?? My guess is maybe 1 out of 3 (if that)...

So what is beauty?? Beauty comes from within!

I hope I can help women remember that. My goal as a stylist is not to cover someone up, or to make them into something they are not, but my goal is to enhance the beauty from within.


  1. Yep that is totally Grandma! Your post made me cry, she really is one of the most wonderful women in the world!

  2. I agree with everything you said. She is an amazing woman. There isn't a better mother in the world!