Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty Braids

Braids are showing up on the red carpet and every where else. Here are a few pictures to help you get some styling ideas. OH how I wish I had long hair... sighhhh

One of the great things about braids right now is that they don't have to be perfect to look pretty, if some of your layers don't quite fit into the braid that's ok!
They are great of spring and summer. Just pull your hair up and go out and enjoy the nice warm sun while it last!!

Fun Hair Accessories That Are In Right Now...

Hair Clips

Clips are perfect for short pixie hair styles and I love to use them when I am trying to grow my bangs out. (Which, I think we can all agree when I say growing out your bangs is one big FAT pain!)


I Love the flowers and the jewels on these headband! Headbands are nice when I don't have a lot of time to get ready. You can just pop one on your head and go out the door looking more put together.

Bridal or Prom

I am already married, and too old to go to prom but if I were to have an event where I had to do my hair fancy I would pick one of these, I LOVE them all!


Feathers are really in right now! They are on cute headbands, clips, and even extensions.

Hot Trends for the Spring

Color Melting Your hair is still in... although some of the magazines are calling it Ombre Color now. Either ways it's a pretty fun look! It's great because it has a very natural, grown out sun-lightened feel to it.

This is one of my favorite things to do with my color clients, it always looks so pretty!

Retro styles are in right now. This would be fun to try out if you have a special event to attend. You'll need a small to medium curling iron to achieve this look.

Pixies- LOVE THEM!! Which is why I am having a hard time growing my hair out.

One thing you'll want to keep in mind is this hair cut is NOT for everyone, and to make sure your pixie has soft, feminine touches so you don't end up looking like a little boy.

With that said I would highly recommend it if you can rock it!

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