Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Claw

Yeah I'll admit I had the "Claw" bangs... so did my mom, aunts, and cousins.... haha.

How did we ever think that the claw bangs looked good?? Let's just say I hope these NEVER come back in style.

I remember my aunts having the claw bangs and the bigger the better... I wanted to be just like my aunts, I wanted my bangs BIG. My dad would do my hair on Sunday while my mom got ready and he would curl my bangs and use what he called was the "poof-a-master". The poof-a-master was really just a comb from his pocket that he would rest on my forehead to protect me from getting burned from the curling iron. After my dad was done curling he would fluff and spray hairspray to get the claw effect.

If your going to do bangs... don't do the claw. ;)

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