Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Goal and My Attempt to Recreate....

I've had a goal for awhile now but haven't done it for one reason or the other. My goal is to get inspiration from pinterest, youtube, google...etc. and try and recreate it. I think this goal is good for a couple of reasons.
1.It's always good to try new things
2. It's good to challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zone.
3. It will get my creative juices flowing... (they have been a little rusty lately) and lets be honest no one wants a hairstylist that is stuck in a rut, and only does the same two haircuts or styles on everyone.
4. I will make mistakes... it's just bound to happen. As long as I learn from my mistakes they will be discoveries and opportunity to grow.
4. With practice I will become a better hairstylist and it will help me with my every day to day clients.


So with that being said I watched a youtube video today and took a stab at it.


The a few discoveries I learned from this are...
1. I really wish my doll head had blond hair!
2. Because she has brown hair I should have used black hair ties.
3. Because she has brown hair I wish I would have left it nice and smooth instead of adding the crimping in there. When I crimped the hair it just turned out looking like a rats nest instead of how it looks in the youtube movie.
4. I think I would like to add braids in somewhere if I did this again.

Ok so now it's your turn to challenge me... send me a picture or a clip of something you would like me to try and recreate and I will post it here on the blog... READY GO!!

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