Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hair Disasters

Okay we have all had a bad hair day, or a bad hair cut, or a color that we just don't love... but have you ever had a hair disaster?? If so it's time to share!! :)

Mine happened on a normal Saturday of March 2009...

I went into the school I was attending at the time to get my roots touched up. I had no intention on lightening my hair or cutting it. I had been working quite some time to grow it out and I had just dyed my hair black.

However everything changed when Josh and Megan talked me into going blonde...

This picture blow is the in-between stage, they had just done a bleach wash and now they were ready to apply a full head of bleach.

So they applied bleach all over my hair and sat me under the dryer to let it process. While I was under the dryer my head started to get VERY hot as if the bleach on my head was boiling... I poked my head out from under the dryer and asked if it was suppose to feel like that and everyone said yes. I didn't want to be a woes so I sat there for a little bit longer and tried to tough it out... Then I couldn't stand it any more and got up to go outside where it was cooler... Josh followed me out side and lifted the shampoo cap off of my head and a cloud of smoke/steam came out. It was almost too hot for Josh to touch. I knew THAT wasn't suppose to happen and I freaked out a little bit.

My hair was FRIED and BRIGHT ORANGE!!!

We had no other choice but to tone my hair, but the school didn't have the color we needed so Mimi and I headed off to the store. I was to embarrassed so I wore Mimi's hat.
We toned and cut, and cut some more... and we ended up with this hair cut and color.
My hair was SO damaged and gummy... when I washed it I it would just turn into mush. It was pretty gross! And it wasn't blonde... it was a lovely peach color... YUCK!

Now you know why I have short hair now, because after this cut I couldn't stop cutting and I ended up chopping it all off.

So now it's time to share your hair Disaster in the comment section... I know you have one!!

*PS As a side note, you have no need to be afraid of bleach! My hair had a really weird reaction to the bleach because I had used a box dye on my hair way back when (before I knew better).

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